it's here! the next progress date! 

our next event will be sunday, july 10 at cherry picker package x fare. 

when approaching this event, we wanted to turn everything from the first progress, on its head. rather than having a "fancy" dinner with a high price tag, we wanted to do something that approachable, something everyone could come and enjoy. though nothing has changed about who we are and our mission--to bring great, quality food and service to our city--everything else has, at least, for this event. 

we are approaching this progress with the mindset of a block party, where everyone is invited, everyone is welcome, you can come and go as you please, and stay as long as you like. the menu will be centered around ethnic street food. that means anything you can put in a to-go container, eat standing up, or off your lap, is fair game. 

there will be outdoor games and music, and, of course, food and drink. we are so excited to be putting this together for you and can't wait to see you all there. the exact hours we will be open have yet to be determined, but somewhere in the brunch to pre-dinner time hours. 

tell you friends, coworkers, and family. we want to see you all there. 

thanks for checking in.

-progress team